This Is Cynthia Leigh-Ann

Prodigiously talented Country-pop singer-songwriter Cynthia Leigh-Ann is on the verge of releasing her second album. Cynthia Leigh-Ann’s sound is best described as New country-rock/pop. Her voice is physically strong, but she also possesses the talent to gently caress each note of her music. Her music has won plaudits for its catchy hooks, intelligent lyrics and passionate tones. She creates instant fans with her own unique style & blend of Country music, She is just as comfortable performing with her acoustic Guitar as she would with her full band. Cynthia Leigh-Ann believes its important people & fans feel the passion and stories behind her songs & music. Influences: Terry Clarke, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood & the Dixie Chicks. She just returned from LA Were she co-wrote “Forever Young” with producers Guy Baruch, Brad Bilanin of Media Temple Productions, she just completed her latest song What You Don't Know a co-write with herself, Justine Collins, Ralph Murphy and Doug Folkins, produced by Alex Aligizakis - Comox BC

 Industry News for 2012/13 & 2012 Award Nominations:

CCMA categories, nominated for Female Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Album of the year Awards in Saskatoon Sask. BCCMA The Ray McAuley Horizon Award, Presenter at the Awards Ceremonies and performed at the Awards Post Party. 

Cynthia Leigh-Ann completed her Debut Album “Daddy’s Girl” in 2011 released her first single “Missing You” to National radio in Canada January 2011 with RDR Music Group. Producer Adam Haggarty & Bob Gabelhouse. Her second single “How Could You" charted at #11 in the Ontario Music Stations. Adding to her credit Cynthia has released 5 singles to Radio, including Christmas Memories. Cynthia is currently in studio working on her 2nd album with producer Tom McKillips and Carly McKillip of One More Girl.  Cynthia will be adding a duet remake by Emmylou Harris and Don Williams “If I Needed You” with Nashville singer songwriter Teddy Grimstad, which will be included in the finished album, being released in February 2014. Cynthia is pursuing a BA in Music at the U of C in Alberta



Some of Cynthia Leigh-Ann’s more memorable performance include:
Calgary Stampede July 2012 SunFest 2012 in Duncan, BC
BCCMA Artist Showcase 2012 Be Discovered - Summer in LA 2012
Lammles Rising Star Semi-finalist 2012  

IPE (Armstrong Fair)  Dodge Stage 2011

Western Canada Summer Games 2011

Top Teen of Canada, Mission, BC

Miss BC, Langley, BC

 Merritt Mountain Festival - 2007/2008/2009/2011

Current Bookings

Community Volunteer and Hobbies

Cynthia Leigh Ann has done volunteer work at Metro for Homeless/Street IRHS community hours, Boys & Girls Club and supports the Arts in BC/nationally.  Enjoys her family & friends, sports, drama, music, song-writing & performances.  Cynthia is currently taking her Bachelors of Arts, Majoring in  Music at the University of Calgary.